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Bijeenkomst van lotgenoten die kampen met depressie
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(Dit bericht is het laatst bewerkt op 28-09-2022, 14:06 door Jupiter.)



I'm sorry if I seem uninterested
Or I'm not listenin' or I'm indifferent
Truly, I ain't got no business here
But since my friends are here, I just came to kick it
But really I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room
With people who don't even care about my well being
I don't dance, don't ask, I don't need a boyfriend
So you can go back, please enjoy your party
I'll be here
Somewhere in the corner under clouds of marijuana
With this boy who's hollering, I can hardly hear
Over this music I don't listen to and I don't wanna get with you
So tell my friends that I'll be over here


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